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How do I get a Business Tax Certificate?
1. Download & complete the Registration Form online using the City’s website ( The Finance Department will mail you a bill and you can choose to pay online, mail in a payment or pay in-person.

2. Print a Copy of the Registration form, complete it, make check payable to the City of San José for the appropriate tax amount due, and mail it to:

City of San José Finance Department
Attn: Business Tax
200 E. Santa Clara Street, 13th Floor
San José, CA 95113-1905

3. Visit us at City Hall:
• The Office is located in San Jose City Hall at:
200 E. Santa Clara Street, 1st Floor
San José, CA 95113
• Application will be processed while you wait.
• If you submit payment of the total tax amount due, you can pick up a temporary Business Tax Certificate immediately (the official certificate will be mailed to you).

Business Tax

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