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Submitting an Application
Before You Submit an Application

We recommend that you speak with a Planner regarding the permit application forms and requirements necessary to your proposed project. 
  • Visit the Planning Counter, 1st floor of City Hall. See Permit Center hours of service.
  • Or call 408-535-3555 and request to speak with a Planner during Planning’s phone service hours.

Application Submittal Requirements and Fees

Each form outlines requirements for the related application package. View also:

See the Planning Fee Schedule for all application fees. While the City accepts an Initial Fee at submittal for some applications, review of an application will not begin until fees are paid in full.

If you receive a Notice of Fees Due, full payment must be made within 14 calendar days or staff will void the application. A refund of any payment minus a record retention fee will be issued to you. A new application and full payment of fees will be required to restart a project.

Pay online at or make check payable to: City of San José

Application Walk-In Submittal, 1st Floor Planning Counter - No appointment

Bring applications listed in this section to the Planning Counter, 1st Floor, City Hall. See hours of service. Appeal and protest applications, marked with an asterisk, can be also be submitted at the 3rd floor Planning Offices without an appointment during business hours.

Administrative Permit - Outdoor Vending Facility

Administrative Permit - Power Generation Facility

Administrative Permit - Recycling Facility

Administrative Permit - Temporary Trailer

Administrative Permit - Utility Structure

Appeal of an Environmental Determination *

Historic Preservation Adjustment

Parking Analysis

Permit Adjustment (Category 1 and 2)

Permit Appeal *

Preliminary Review

Sign Permit

Single-Family House Permit
Tree Removal Permit
Zoning Protest *
Zoning Verification Letter           

 Submittal, 3rd Floor Planning Offices - Appointment Required

Permit Application Initial Submittal Fees   Average Project Timeline*
Administrative Permit - Wireless Facility $3,153.00 
Annexation $39,524.00  8 months 
Certificate of Compliance $6,175.00  6 months 
Conditional Use Permit  $20,019.00  7 months 
Conditional Use Permit Amendment $19,480.00  7 months 
Covenant of Easement and Petition for Release
$5,463.00  3 months 
General Plan Amendment $26,861.00  9 months 
Historic Preservation Permit $976.00  4 months 
Historic Landmark Designation $4,559.00  4 months 
Historic Property Contract (Mills Act) $2,217.00  4 months 
Lot Line Adjustment $2,508.00  4 months 
Lot Line Adjustment (with Development Permit) $3,281.00 
Planned Development Permit (Residential) $11,628.00  7 months 
Planned Development Permit Amendment (Residential) $11,089.00  5 months 
Planned Development Permit  (Non-Residential) $12,879.00  8 months 
Planned Development Permit Amendment (Non-Residential)    $12,340.00  5 months 
Planned Development Zoning (Residential) $21,068.00  11 months 
Planned Development Zoning (Non-Residential) $18,942.00  11 months 
Reasonable Accommodation $9,974.00  4 months 
Rezoning/Prezoning (Conventional)* $12,244.00  5 months 
Rezoning/Prezoning (Conforming)* $10,893.00  5 months 
Sidewalk Café Permit $527.00  3 months 
Site Development Permit  (Residential) $11,565.00  7 months 
Site Development Permit Amendment (Residential)  $11,285.00  7 months 
Site Development Permit (Non-Residential) $12,816.00  7 months 
Site Development Permit Amendment (Non-Residential)  $12,536.00  7 months 
Special Use Permit (Existing Single-Family Residence) $7,800.00  4 months 
Special Use Permit $14,532.00  7 months 
Street Renaming (Minor) $5,185.00  3 months 
Street Renaming (Major)
$12,650.00  6 months 
Tentative Map $11,583.00  6 months 
Development Exception or Variance $8,559.00  5 months 

  • General Plan Amendment Environmental base fee includes Planning and Public Works initial reviews.
  • Lot Line Adjustment is subject to Public Works fees if the property is within a GeoHazard Zone or Development Permit is proceeding concurrently or recently approved.
  • Lot Line Adjustment is subject to Building and Fire fees if buildings exist on the site.
  • Lot Line Adjustments and Covenant of Easements are recorded by the Applicant with the County.
  • Use Permits involving late-night, drinking establishments, or off-sale of alcohol will require Police fees.
  • *Conforming Rezoning vs Conventional Rezoning      
  • **Subject to change based upon the completeness of the application, accuracy of the information provided, community outreach needs, and environmental review process.     

Processing Timelines

See the Plan Review Time Frames table for an estimated application review timeline for a typical project. Time frames may vary based on staffing levels. Call 408-535-3555 to check on current processing times.

Online Appointment Scheduler or Call for Assistance
  • For applications that require an appointment, use the button below.
  • If you require assistance to schedule an appointment, please call (408) 535-3555.