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Smart City Strategic Alignment

Safe City

Leverage technology to make San José the safest big city in America.

Safe City Project

NTT Group and Dell EMC, will tentativley lead an Innovation Pilot with the City of San José. NTT and Dell EMC will provide connected sensor devices in and around Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park for public safety uses, and a platform to manage multi-source analytics.

Inclusive City

Ensure all residents, businesses, and organizations can participate in and benefit from the prosperity and culture
of innovation in Silicon Valley.

Facebook Terragraph Gig Wireless


Facebook and the City partner to implement very high-speed Wi-Fi access in the downtown corridor and select underserved areas of the City. The aim is to serve as a demonstration project for the technology with the impact of expanding fast connectivity for the urban core.

East Side Union High School District Wireless

A funded community Wi-Fi pilot is implemented in three attendance areas to provide home access to the internet, increasing digital inclusion for students and residents in underserved neighborhoods.

User-Friendly City

Create digital platforms to improve transparency, empower residents to actively engage in the governance of their
city, and make the City more responsive to the complex and growing demands of our community.


Project ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) implements a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) called MySanJose, whereby citizens can submit service requests to the City such as graffiti abatement, potholes, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping, streetlamp outages and general requests. The solution consists of a user-centric designed mobile app and web portal front-end, a powerful integration engine which connects many city departments backend work order systems for completing work requests, and an analytical dashboard delivering performance insights for continuous service improvements.

Open Data Communities Architecture (ODCA)

Provides an open data blueprint and proof-of-concept results to advance the City’s ability to reach across the organization’s data and systems, connect with coming Internet of Things solutions, and use those elements to meet San Jose Smart City goals. Structures for shared data, accessibility through integrations, and data ownership are key principles behind the City's Open Data Communities Architecture (ODCA). Technology partner is Dell EMC.

Business Tax Online Registration

Automates manual paper-based form and process to online automated registration process for business tax account holders. The City expects better efficiency and effectiveness from process automation.

Sustainable City

Utilize technology to address energy, water, and climate challenges to enable sustainable growth.

Silver Spring Networks Internet of Things (IoT) Pilot

The City and Silver Spring Networks partner to bring the Starfish wireless network service to San José. This foundational technology provides the connected network and processing infrastructure that supports the Smart City initiatives for the community. The IoT capability improves safety and sustainability by enabling new solutions for public safety, intelligent transportation systems and utility telemetry.

Demonstration City

Reimagine the City as a laboratory and platform for the most impactful, transformative technologies that will shape
how we live and work in the future.

Facebook Terragraph Gig Wireless
See Inclusive City
Open Data Community Architecture
See User-Friendly City 
Silverspring Networks Internet of Things (IoT)
See Sustainable City
Safe City Project
See Safe City

Information Technology

Citywide Business Systems Upgrade, Infrastructure Upgrade, and Cyber security Workplan as reflected in the
IT Strategic Plan

Workers’ Compensation System Modernization


Replaces the current system with a comprehensive insurance software platform to manage workers’ compensation Claims, with Analytics with new automated EDI, and interfaces to third party claims processing.

Government Debt Collection System Modernization


Upgrades to the latest product, which is more user friendly, has enhanced capabilities, supports process improvements, transitions to a supported database with disaster recovery, updates access controls to secure the system. 

Budgeting System Replacement


Planning and Budget for Performance-Based budgeting provides powerful workflow that supports a range of budgetary processes, including preparation of budgetary documents, position and employee budgeting and budget execution.

Business Tax System Modernization


A new Business Tax and Billing System to replace existing end-of-life application. The new system manages over 85,000 business tax accounts and will consolidate the City’s tax operations. The system will improve billing, payment, collection, and account processes and enable long-term flexibility administering business tax.

Enterprise Content Management and Records Repository 


Expanding to Citywide deployment for document sharing and workflow, team collaboration and enterprise content and records management.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Implementation


By implementing VDI, and moving from physical PCs and desktop images to virtualized desktops will improve overall end-user computing maintenance and support, with significant cost-savings in storage requirements as well.

Citywide WAN Infrastructure Upgrade


Upgrade and modernization of the City’s wide area network (WAN) infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Workplan

Deliverables as specified in Cybersecurity Plan.